Drying up product flows, expiring patents, compliance, customer interactions - there are many reasons why leading companies in the life sciences rely on CELLphenomics innovative thinking, process redesign and proven tools and processes to increase their agility.

In cooperation with you, we introduce proven strategies and solutions of the next generation that optimize your entire value chain in the area of life sciences.

Our five steps to success


1. Listen.

Providing Life Sciences Consulting that meets your objectives starts with listening very carefully to your current and future objectives. The correct assessment at this stage is critical to delivering faster, better, smarter results for your organization.

2. Analyze.

Once we’ve gathered all the relevant information our in-house experts can analyze your situation. Our team’s expertise in Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance draws upon more than 25 years of high level experience working across the EU, US, LATAM, MENA, CIS, APAC regions and South Africa.

3. Review.

After thorough analysis, we’ll work with you to explore and discuss the results and what they mean in relation to your objectives. Again, this is a critical step because getting this right is absolutely crucial to developing our solution.

4. Propose.

Having shared and reviewed our analysis with you we’ll propose a solution to meet your requirements, a solution built around our faster, better, smarter ethos. 

5. Implement.

Once we’ve developed and agreed on the best strategic plan for your needs, we leverage our in-house capabilities, our external experts and our global vendor network to deliver on the execution.


CELLphenomics customers include 5 of the world's 10 leading pharmaceutical companies and many small and medium sized biotech companies. Our industry consultants are at your side:

  • Promoting research and development: bringing more innovative products to the market faster and at lower cost
  • Improve clinical results: Promote productivity, quality and operational efficiency throughout drug development with our virtualized global people and processes
  • Increase throughput: Increase sales from existing product flows
  • Optimize the value chain: rationalize providers, increase transparency, preserve capital
  • Unlocking the benefits of global data stocks: coordinating operational processes with standardized processes and procedures
  • Create outstanding compliance: continuously comply with regulatory requirements worldwide

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