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Phenomics is the systematic study of traits that make up a phenotype. As such, it is a transdisciplinary area of research that involves biology, data sciences, engineering, and other fields. Phenomics is concerned with the measurement of the phenotype where a phenome is a set of traits (physical and biochemical traits) that can be produced by a given organism over the course of development, and in response to genetic mutation and environmental influences. The relationship between phenotype and genotype enables researchers to understand and study pleiotropy.


A rapidly changing healthcare environment and the convergence of breakthrough scientific innovation, digital advancements, increasing global access, and new business models are reshaping the biopharma space. These advancements offer promise for substantial improvement in patient care and have opened up new opportunities for players in biopharma and across the life sciences market landscape.

With these new opportunities come several new challenges, including increased pricing pressure, uncertain market access dynamics, evolving consumer behavior, and disruption from nontraditional healthcare players. These trends are forcing biopharma companies to think strategically about which aspects of their current business they want to invest in and which new avenues of growth they will need to explore.

We support biotech and pharmaceutical executives develop practical strategies and plans to win in this evolving landscape, thereby improving outcomes for patients and maximizing the value of a dynamic global healthcare market.

We work with biopharma companies providing an array of solutions to help our clients navigate key uncertainties and drive long-term value creation for their shareholders. This includes emerging and established players, and companies focused on innovative branded drugs, as well as those focused on biosimilars, generics, or reformulations.

Sequencing services

For all your sequencing projects we exclusively work together with CeGaT GmbH. CeGaT is a leading global provider of genetic analyses for a wide range of issues in medical practice, research, and the pharmaceutical industry. Together with CeGaT, CELLphenomics offers a broad portfolio of sequencing services and tumor analyses. For our clients we generate the data basis for clinical studies and medical innovations driving science forward with your own findings.

Our partner is accredited according to CAP/CLIA and DIN EN ISO 15189 and thus meets the highest international standards. To obtain first-class results, all processes are carried out in-house under scientific supervision.

Proteomics platform

Protein profiling adds value beyond genomics. Even though genomic approaches became extremely popular in the last decades, protein information is missed using those methods. Studying proteins and, equally important, posttranslational modifications, has proven to contribute significant value.

Understanding a drug’s mode of action, discovering a disease’s mechanism, or identifying biomarkers – to achieve success as a scientist requires deep insights into the underlying molecular processes and a precise understanding of biology. We have accumulated a wealth of expertise in establishing and conducting protein assays for quantitative biology.

We offer a wide portfolio of services for protein profiling. There is no one-fits-all, so we provide tailored services for high-content protein profiling, high-throughput protein profiling, multiplex immunoassays, ultra-sensitive protein profiling, among classical methods like ELISA, western blot, and ProteinSimple. Our portfolio includes validated ready-to-go offerings as well as highly customized services. Project scopes vary from routine screening to assay development and validation studies. The wide spectrum of services means more possibilities for you and a higher chance that we find the perfect solution for you.


CELLphenomics and KYAN Therapeutics are working together to help our partners in the biopharmaceutical industry achieve their goals more quickly. Together the two companies combine KYAN’s technology platform, Optim.AI™, with CELLphenomics’ proprietary PD3D® technology.

Traditional machine learning or big data ecosystems have fixed approaches; they use large amounts of data to train algorithms to make predictions. The main breakthrough for KYAN is that we only need to use minimal amounts of data points to predict and solve for large search spaces. The data points that we generate are from prospective experiments that measure the phenotypic response of drug-dose combinations across different biological models, like the PD3D® models.

Optim.AI™ utilizes a proprietary design of experiments to define which drug-dose combinations to be included in a 384-well plate. The phenotypic response of the ex vivo drug sensitivity experiments provide the data points required to run the Optim.AI™ proprietary software to predict the most effective drug-dose combinations.
One plate, that includes 12 drugs, combined with one PD3D® yields 531,441 possible results. Results are then ranked based on the drug-dose sensitivity response measured by cell viability. There is no other platform that can search these many possible combinations in such an efficient way.