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About us

Christian Regenbrecht and Quirin Graf Adelmann founded CELLphenomics GmbH in September of 2019, after Christian has created its predecessor cpo – cellular phenomics & oncology as a spin-out from ERC’s IMI Oncotrack consortium. Since then, the two have been working together in the biopharma industry, recognizing the potential of reliable pre-clinical models to support those at the center of the healthcare engine: the scientists on the front lines of drug development. They decided to create a unique company that holds itself accountable to their customers and clients, their team members, the scientific community, and the environment. CELLphenomics became the industry’s first address for delivering high-quality patient-derived 3D cell culture models for screening at scale, empowering scientists, and providing new efficiencies for healthcare companies.

What services does CELLphenomics provide?

CELLphenomics‘ in vitro services combine wet-lab biology, automation and high throughput screening directly on patient samples with leading AI algorithms to help predict responses to potential therapies, and ultimately determine which drugs or drug combinations will be most effective for specific types of cancers. The end-to-end integrated technology platform conducts functional drug sensitivity screening to predict drug efficacy, toxicity profiling, target validation, enhance patient selection, and predict patient response.


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