BIOBANK  login is the leading portal for Life Sciences and Pharma in the key markets of Europe, the USA, and Asia with over 2.6 million users. The website reported about the new partnership between CELLphenomics and Kyan Therapeutics and wrote, that the „two unique technologies will allow reliable conclusions about the treatability of the tumor and […]

Precision Medicine Online

The website, published by Genome Web, reports on the new partnership between Indivumed and Cellphenomics, and discusses how both companies are collaborating on cancer drug research. The partnership promises significant advancement in cancer research, as it allows both companies to combine their expertise and resources to explore innovative approaches to cancer drug development. reports about the new partnership of CELLphenomics and KYAN Therapeutics. By combining KYAN’s technology platform, Optim.AI™ – which utilizes artificial intelligence to predict the effects of drug combinations and CELLphenomics‘ proprietary PD3D® technology, this partnership aims to offer an efficient approach to expedite drug development process in the biopharmaceutical industry.