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Christoph Reinhard


Dr. Christoph Reinhard has spend his whole career in oncology drug development in biotechnology and pharma companies with a special focus on target identification and translational research. Special emphasis lies on technologies to identify and utilize biomarkers for drug efficacy and tumor prognosis. Christoph strived to complement the company specific research with engagement in large scale international consortia (ACRG, Innovative Medicine initiative, Europe) with projects exploring cutting edge technologies for disease state characterization in Asian specific cancers (ACRG) and CRC biomarker (IMI Oncotrack), Liquid biopsie (IMI CancerID), and immune-oncology research (IMI Immucan). These efforts enable a broad insight and development of translational strategies, technology validation and implementation. In the course of his career, Christoph was involved in the setup and mentoring of multiple companies and CROs.